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The Healthy Snacks for Kids Guide: Healthy Snack Recipes to Get Your Kids to Eat Greens

'How to get your kids to eat their greens' is indeed the million-dollar question for most parents when they want to provide their children with healthy, nutritious meals without the hassle of coaxing each morsel down their throats and avoiding any hysterical dramas. Alas, when it comes to vegetable meals and healthy kids snacks, household dramas are inevitable. It is a constant struggle to get new healthy kidssnack recipes on the table, the kind that don't look or taste healthy but still give you a personal satisfaction just knowing that they are. When it comes to getting your kids to eats their greens, there is just no alternative to being devious, sneaky and diabolical.


I am a Woman..

Disclaimer :P 
(This write up has been written a really long time ago, so please do not call me up and ask me what's wrong for I am perfectly happy and fine right now... ;)

I am in an awful mood today and I am tired of being pushed around with someone else taking my decisions for me, judging things on my behalf and telling me what to do... Here's what I have to say to them... to the world... to everyone who has the misconception that they can do so... and get away with it.. I have claws and I wish to show them today...

I am a woman and so I know some basic things about my life. I know I am smarter, wiser, more resourceful and more forbearing than a lot of men on this planet... I will let no man hypnotize me into thinking otherwise. I know what I am, but today... I wish to tell all others that don't, too...

I am a woman and so I know that many a times, silence is necessary. I keep quiet, not because it is what I am born to do. I keep quiet because I do not wish f…

You Are The One...

You are the one. The one person I want to grow old with. The one person who can make me smile, genuinely, from the bottom of my heart. Yes you! You are the one with whom I want to dream; to fly, to dance and rejoice. You are the one I want to hike with; starting from here, now; aiming to reach the horizon, sometime before eternity. You are the one I want to walk with, on the beach, barefoot - leaving footprints in the wet sand, the sea breeze taking liberties and time moving at our will and pace.

You are the one. The one in whose arms I dream of enjoying blissful peace; for it is in your arms that I am oblivious of the world; forgetting appointments, heat and stress. You are the one I dream of each night, sweeping me off my feet and carrying me to nowhere specific. Your eyes are the ones I have aspirations of reading, it is your heart that I wish to conquer. Yes, your heart is where I wish to reside.

You are the one. The one I want to burn with, in every adversity, sorrow, …


Like a see-saw positioned at an awkward angle,
Defying all laws, gravity and inertia
I know that I exhibit
A state of perfect disequilibria;

I stand the mute bystander,
While my life flows by - ebbs and tides
And it hits me with sudden clarity
A tell-tale blush, one that never hides,

I know what ails me,
I know it is You -
Alternating haunting memories, then sedate amnesia,
A pendulum shifting between poison and ambrosia.

I continue to trust You - You have betrayed me before
Yet now I am wiser, I know,

Waking reality and sleeping dreams-
More often than not, differ.

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5 Super Expensive Sexy Cars on the World’s Most Expensive Cars List

Initially I had thought that I’d write this ‘Super Expensive Sexy Cars’ post with an express intention of getting my hubby’s heart racing… but so much for that intention for my own heart rate has been quite over the required rate for a good cardio after just looking at all the fabulous pics. So here is a list of the world’s most expensive cars, something to get your motivated enough to wanna drive one!!

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

Oh my, just look at this baby!! Who wouldn’t love to ride this one.. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 is the world’s most expensive car and just one look at the car makes it worth every penny of its $1,700,000 price tag.

This highly pricey and equally sexy car is also the world’s most powerful car with a registered top speed of about 253mph or 407kmph. Just for the record, Bugatti is a Volkswagen subsidiary and the car itself is named after the racer Pierre Veyron, who had raced for the original Bugatti marquis and won the 24 hours of Le Mans in…

The Last Thing

The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes,
Was an autumn leaf shining-
The sunlit gold grazing its auburn silhouette
Nudging it awake-
Wake up, its not your time yet.

The last thing I remember when I finally exhaled,
Was that you were real and not a dream,
Yet, I was cautious, just in case you vanished
As a figment of my imagination;
And you did! Before I could prove that you were cherished.

The last thing I said before my lips fell silent,
Were whispered words - 'I am sorry' or was it...
While the film played over and over in my mind
Of the conscious unconscious hurts, true lies-
That untrue truths bind.

The last thing I held in the palm of my hand,
Before I clenched my fist, unable to let go
Was a breath of air, caught, as the winds whisked past
And I know it was in there, bound, unwilling and weightless
And still, I was obsessed with making it last.

The last thing I felt before I could feel no more,
Was the cold hard texture of the ice I held
Reminding me of the time ti…

And He Didn't Recognise My Voice

I called out, softly
For him to clear away, the clouds of
My doubts
My insecurity
My distrust

I called out, confidently
Daring him to defy
My hope
My love
My faith

I called out fallen
Willing him to deny
My knowledge
My accusations
My death...

And, he didn't...
He didn't recognize my voice!

I had kept on calling-
Knowing that someday-
It had to be my repeated calling
That would click a snap of recognition

But I stopped calling then-
That day...
The day that he didn't recognize my voice.

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