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The Last Thing

Autumn Leaves Shining
The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes,
Was an autumn leaf shining-
The sunlit gold grazing its auburn silhouette
Nudging it awake-
Wake up, its not your time yet.

The last thing I remember when I finally exhaled,
Was that you were real and not a dream,
Yet, I was cautious, just in case you vanished
As a figment of my imagination;
And you did! Before I could prove that you were cherished.

The last thing I said before my lips fell silent,
Were whispered words - 'I am sorry' or was it...
While the film played over and over in my mind
Of the conscious unconscious hurts, true lies-
That untrue truths bind.

The last thing I held in the palm of my hand,
Before I clenched my fist, unable to let go
Was a breath of air, caught, as the winds whisked past
And I know it was in there, bound, unwilling and weightless
And still, I was obsessed with making it last.

The last thing I felt before I could feel no more,
Was the cold hard texture of the ice I held
Reminding me of the time ticking away
As it weighed, melted, waited and died
Before I could even form the words I had to say.

The last thing I heard before I gave up listening,
Was my own voice ringing in my head
Like the low rumble that can be heard for miles
Slicing through thunder, fire crackers and alarm bells,
Asking whether I remember myself in the silken tangle of webs

The last thing I reach for, before my soul transcends,
Is still a dream, a dream that failed to die;
And life continues to trip me over floods of tears
Shattered splinters of broken hearts,
Massacred dreams and rekindled fears-

But the last thing I'll do before I live no more,
Is to wear my bracelet of stars
And walk down the aisle of autumns and springs
Learning each day to embrace the night
And relive every single moment that this life brings.

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