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5 Things We Wish Were Back From The Past

I don’t know about you but I definitely want some things to come back from the 1990s and re-live through the 2000s. You might agree with some and you might disagree with some, but here is my top 5 things list for the things that I want back from history. 

Each of these give me joy in larger and smaller amounts and I wish I had more time to breathe in and re-live each of them. This list of 5 is in no particular order of preference, though the first entry will always be the first entry for me (in this list and in any others that I ever bring forth).
everever bring forth).
A 16 Year Old Sachin Tendulkar

Now who in their right mind wouldn’t want this? At least no friend of mine for sure! Sachin Tendulkar at 16 was the God yet to become the mega-God. So, my reasoning for 16 is that if he were 16 now, imagine how many more years he would be around in the 2000s.
Watching old videos of him still makes me tear up for sure. I still get goosebumps when I review the epic Sharjah battle and I still …

How Rujuta Diwekar Broke 4 Of My Fitness Myths!

Yes, as always I am a lagger when following trends and I have only recently laid my hands on celebrity weight loss consultant Rujuta Diwekar's 'Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight' courtesy of a dear friend B. Yet, I must say, I did hear a lot about the person behind Kareena Kapoor's size zero figure but since I was never in the 'size zero' rat race, I had never really delved deeper into the topic.

Recently though, I stumbled upon Rujuta Diwekar's official website and Youtube channel and while I was surfing through the portals (one link led to another and then yet another), I learnt a lot of things about some misheld fitness myths that I had clung on to for all of these years. Now that Rujuta Diwekar has managed to convince me otherwise by busting some of my most 'holy grail' like precious fitness myths, it is time for me to test them out. Watch this space to know more about my sucess or failure in the near future, following her weight loss ad…

Top 10 Cartoons From My Childhood. Do You Remember Them?

I always dig up some old Youtube videos at the start of each week to get over my Monday blues and this time, I landed on a pot of gold. One after the other I searched and found videos of some of my favorite cartoons from yesteryears. Well, cartoons from the 90s actually, but anything from the time before the Japanese took over, as in before the Doraemons and the Ben 10s and the others whose names I cannot remember, would actually be considered prehistoric now.

While prehistoric they may well be, they form the best memories of my childhood, the times when I used to fight with everyone for the rights to the T.V remote (some of the more viscous ones were aptly reserved for my little sister) and the times where cartoon discussion actually meant life and death in the school's social circuit. As in you had better seen that episode and participated in the animated discussions the next day, else you were bound to be socially ostracized and permanently classified as a boring nerd!

Nerd I …

4 Power Foods That Don’t Clean Out The Pockets Of Those Who Work At Building Muscles

Yes, body building pills and powders do cost a fortune and yet enjoy an inelastic demand (not quite so susceptible to pricing hikes) from people who love working out and building up their bodies.

Yet, what if I told you that each of those whey protein jars, the fat burning drinks and the performance enhancing pills could easily be substitutable with something way cheaper, something you may find right in your household and something that will not give you side effects!

What if I told you that you can go right ahead and do your ‘gymming’ to firm up your muscles without the process of buying such ancillary products cleaning out your pockets?

Yes, there are in fact household substitutes for these fancy performance enhancers even though their manufacturers might want to stress otherwise. Here are the top 4 power foods that can act as your substitutes, what’s even better is that they are 100 percent vegetarian.

Whey Protein Substitute: Soy Protein Most men swear by their whey protein brand…

3 Innovative New Ways To Make Maggi Noodles: My Personally Tried And 'Tasted' Maggi Noodle Recipes

Everyone loves Maggi Noodles but most people hate experimenting with something so good and stick to the traditional way of making these 2 minute noodles. Not so very long ago, I was completely orthodox myself when it came to making these noodles and in fact I was such a stickler for rules when it came to making them that I would time my cooking time to exact 2 minutes, not a second more nor less. Yet all that changed one fine day.

I was out on a trek with some of my closest friends and the dinnertime meal was supposed to be Maggi noodles. I absolutely hated the fact that when we picked up our chits (that was how we designated individual chores), I was the nominated dishwasher and my dear friend M, the cook!

It was bad enough that I was to do the dishes but what made it completely worse was the fact that M was very clearly in the mood the experiment, something equivalent to the gravest sacrilege in my mind, especially when it comes to making Maggi.

He begged and begged me to try it, t…

6 Super-Fun Free-Time Activities For Home-Bound Mothers, Active Homemakers Or Retirees

In life, we all have the times when we are home bound. It may be an accident that has forced us to stay at home and rest, a retirement that has bound us indoors or a kid that is just too much for a working mom, but the phase sure catches us all. And you know what, I just hate it! Unless there is fun stuff to do of course… or even a home-bound earning opportunity (yes, I especially love those ‘hold my pie and eat it too’ opportunities).
The few homemakers that I know actually don’t even have time to just relax and put their feet up, but I do know that there a lot of others out there too – the ones that are almost always plonked on their recliners with their feet up and with the T.V remote in their hands for lack of better things to do.  This article offers insight into how to fill up your free home time more productively than watching daily soaps on television. In fact, some of these 6 super-fun activities might even be a start of a great home-bound career or an income earning opportunit…

5 Simplest Tricks I Consciously Use To Get My Lazy Ass Moving!

Ok, let's face it, the only two foolproof mantras to lose weight are (1) to stick to a diet plan and (2) get one's lazy ass off the bed and onto a treadmill (or a stepper or even to an aerobic group class).

I suck at the former (the croissants keep beckoning me to come hither, like the mannequins in 'Confessions of a Shopaholic), so I only have the latter to rely on if I have to get into a shape and size than has any kind of semblance to Samantha Stosur (oh yes, for those who don't know, this Australian tennis star is my fitness icon and I was told everyone should have one... or two... or more).

Yet, it is a world renowned fact that I do have a fairly large, well rounded and definitely lazy ass! While I do go to a gym every single day (except Sundays), I am a world class snoozer at home. So, in order to get me moving when within the confines of my four walls and to keep me from becoming a fairly large, well rounded and of course lazy ass couch potato, I trick myself!