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3 Innovative New Ways To Make Maggi Noodles: My Personally Tried And 'Tasted' Maggi Noodle Recipes

Everyone Loves Maggii Noodle Recipes
Food For The Hungry Soul: My Beloved Maggi Noodles

Everyone loves Maggi Noodles but most people hate experimenting with something so good and stick to the traditional way of making these 2 minute noodles. Not so very long ago, I was completely orthodox myself when it came to making these noodles and in fact I was such a stickler for rules when it came to making them that I would time my cooking time to exact 2 minutes, not a second more nor less. Yet all that changed one fine day.

I was out on a trek with some of my closest friends and the dinnertime meal was supposed to be Maggi noodles. I absolutely hated the fact that when we picked up our chits (that was how we designated individual chores), I was the nominated dishwasher and my dear friend M, the cook!

It was bad enough that I was to do the dishes but what made it completely worse was the fact that M was very clearly in the mood the experiment, something equivalent to the gravest sacrilege in my mind, especially when it comes to making Maggi.

He begged and begged me to try it, to no avail. But yes, after lots of hullaboo and high drama, fake tears, extreme facial expressions and procrastination on my part, hunger got the better of me (after all, we had actually trekked quite a hill there) and I put a heaping spoonful in my mouth. Oh, but that had actually tasted good.

Then it was my turn to beg for the recipe and after much cajoling he admitted that it was just one single secret ingredient that worked wonders. Tomato Ketchup! He said! Yes, you read it right, he had just put in a few spoonfuls of tomato ketchup into the pot while the Maggi was cooking and that was just about it! What the incident did was that it opened me up to the wonders of experimenting with my 'as dear as life' Maggi Noodles.

So here are 3 of my Maggi Noodle recipes. these have been tried and tasted not just by me (for that sampling would definitely be skewed), but also by my husband and a few friends. What this means is that you can safely take your chances and try them yourself, for their taste-buds are not as accustomed to junk, frozen and ready to cook foods as mine are. Shame on me!

You can home-cook all of these as none have any fancy ingredients and if you would like to add meat or seafood, sure, go ahead and let me know if it works out with the recipe.

Malaysian Maggi Goreng

Spicy and Delicious: Maggi Goreng

Ooh but this is the best-est of them all. All you need is a packet of Maggi Noodles (Curry Favor), 1 egg, some vegetable greens (pak choy or stiff spinach works great), finely chopped onions, pieces of fried tofu (you can substitute paneer but it definitely won't taste the same), some dark soy sauce and of course 1 finely chopped spicy chilli.

In a heated wok, stir fry the onions, chilli, fried tofu (extremely healthy they tell me), green leafy vegetables and the single egg. Don't forget to keep stirring (the egg needs to be well scrambled). Once everything is well fried, just add the pre-boiled and strained Maggi and mix well (make sure that the Maggi is not overcooked, overkill in this form makes the resulting dish soggy and unappetizing). Add a little dark soya sauce and the seasoning packet that comes with the noodles. Once again, don't overcook it and remove it from heat the instant you think it is done, and serve.

Apart from some great friends there, I truly miss two things from there... Maggi Goreng and Roti Telur (I could eat them for all of my life and die gloriously fat and happy).

Sir-Fried Mix Veg Maggi

This is the most commonly seen Maggi form in my household, thanks to my hubby's love for less oily, more vegetable meals (I still cannot understand sometimes how the junk-food, unhealthy, oily and sugary stuff loving girl like me hooked up with a health obsessed guy like my husband... but hey, love is blind as well as tasteless, colorless and odorless methinks). Anyways, so you chop up all kinds of vegetables in small pieces.

You can choose to chop up carrots, capsicum (all colors), mushrooms (my favorite), green peas (of course you won't chop them silly), broccoli (oh yes), cauliflower and onions. You will also need one finely chopped chilli and one garlic clove. Now in a flat-ish pan, heat a miniscule amount of oil (if the pan is non-stick, it will do the rest of the work without the oil). Add the chillies, 1 finely chopped garlic clove, together with a little jeera (cumin seeds) and a little haldi (turmeric).

Add in all the veggies (no need to preboil them, the raw-er they taste, the healthier they are), stir fry nicely and then add the 2 cups of water that the Maggi packet instructs you to do. Break up the noodle bar in 4 equal parts and drop them into the now watery vegetable mixture. Add the packet of seasoning and any additional salt if you wish. Stir well and let it cook and once cooked, just serve.

Baked Cheese And Corn Maggi

This recipe is great if you have kids that don't eat spicy food (and of course love cheese) or have elderly people in the household with digestive systems that are very unforgiving towards spicy food. All you need to do is follow the 2 minute cooking instructions given at the back of the Maggi packet. Make sure you use a little less water though, as we do not need very watery noodles.

While it is cooking, add in some sweet corn. If you like the cheesy stage you may not want to put any tomato ketchup in here but if you like there to be at least some tanginess in your recipe, add about 2 spoonfuls. Once the noodles are partially cooked, pour them in a flat baking tray and spread some grated cheddar or mozzarella cheese on to of the noodle layer. Bake in a preheated oven for just about 3-5 minutes max (the cheese should have melted and browned just a tiny bit. Cool the noodles down if you like and serve. I prefer mine hot and melty.

Give me a should if you have any more recipes to add. I would love to try out something new myself as it's really been a while since I did a little Maggi experimenting. Hope you like these recipes. Improvise them as per your taste and enjoy them whenever you feel like saying 'to hell with the cooking today... I just want to relex and put my feet up!

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