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5 Things We Wish Were Back From The Past

I don’t know about you but I definitely want some things to come back from the 1990s and re-live through the 2000s. You might agree with some and you might disagree with some, but here is my top 5 things list for the things that I want back from history. 

Each of these give me joy in larger and smaller amounts and I wish I had more time to breathe in and re-live each of them. This list of 5 is in no particular order of preference, though the first entry will always be the first entry for me (in this list and in any others that I ever bring forth).
everever bring forth).

A 16 Year Old Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar The Cricket God
The Guy Who Brings A Whole Nation On Its Feet

Now who in their right mind wouldn’t want this? At least no friend of mine for sure! Sachin Tendulkar at 16 was the God yet to become the mega-God. So, my reasoning for 16 is that if he were 16 now, imagine how many more years he would be around in the 2000s.

Watching old videos of him still makes me tear up for sure. I still get goosebumps when I review the epic Sharjah battle and I still spit fire when I relive the ‘Asley-Giles’ negative bowling era. I still get shivers every time I see him coming out to bat (even when it is not a live match and I already know how many runs he has made) and I still swear in the vilest of manners whenever there is a comparison of him with any other mere mortal (Ponting… grrrr! Kallis… ouch!).

He still symbolizes everything that is good and clean and ethical and modest in this world for me and why should I change my standards just because someone is getting older, losing form [here’s the perfect opportunity to insert my favorite quote, so here goes – form is temporary, class is permanent (smile)], or retiring.

Even today, Sachin is my icon and if I master even an ounce of the humility and calmness that he has maybe I won’t curse as much whenever some pesky Australian comes out with his so called “biography of the truth and nothing but the truth”! (satanic smile and devilishly twinkling eyes… like’s that’s ever gonna happen!)

A Revamped and Improved Tata Sierra

(TELCO)'s tata sierra
The Tata Sierra of Yesteryears

Yes, I know… This listing is so anti-climatic after the Sachin Tendulkar opening, but after I thought a bit I realized that just about anything after Sachin would be just that… anti-climatic; so why even bother!

So anyways, I always thought that the launch of the Tata Sierra was a bit before its time in India and it is tragic really that Tata has not launched this vehicle in other international markets too. I know a lot of people who had loved the Sierra then and wouldn’t mind it making a comeback… of course in a new, improved and less fuel-guzzling format of course.

The Sierra was initially launched in a time where people just did not get the concept of this fantastic car and relegated it to the status of ‘business car. In fact, when I was younger, even I had the picture of a ‘corporately dressed’ me sitting in the back, punching furiously at my bigshot gadgets and ordering my driver to take me to some meeting of life and death import. Today, the car buying audience is much more mature and the legacy of Tata is such still that it hasn’t yet died completely despite the BMWs and Audi’s becoming the new dreams. Maybe now is the time for the Sierra to be reborn.

Tata Motors has been in a designing rut for quite a while now and I wish I had direct access to Ratan Tata (in my mind, I will never quite replace him with any Mistry or anyone) so I could just tell him everything I want to say. I am so passionate about this company, I would probably end my impassioned speech with some incoherent babbling and an unexpected bout of loud sobs (uuumm, I wonder what he would say and do when he had a sniffing, slobbering and sobbing female on his hands eh?) but at least I would tell him how his team in Tata Enterprises is failing him and the Tata legacy. 

There is no innovative designing, there is absolutely no attempt at engaging people socially (where the whole world is shifting to), there is no information on any forthcoming vehicles (even the ones that many have been waiting for since the dark ages), no effort to streamline production and parts availability and absolutely no effort to stem the rising bureaucracy in the empire! The Tata’s will always be THE Tata’s in my head, but will they be the same Tata’s in the eyes of my children, I don’t know. I would give one arm and a leg to see some positive change in this organization and I hope someone pays heed and fast.

Old Cartoon Network Shows

The 90s Cartoon Network
The Cartoon Network of the 90s

Of course, this one had to come now. I had to stop myself from starting a painfully long monologue that truly no one would like to read of hear (well, it had always been my dream to make my PHd thesis about the Tata legacy, so you will just have to forgive my indulgence).

Anyways, for many of us, the standard of Cartoon Network has visibly digressed in the recent years. The once charming, funny and entertaining cartoons that left you feeling good on the inside have now been replaced with the more visually appealing and technically better cartoons that unfortunately no longer make me laugh (maybe my intellect is not developed enough to understand their jokes), no longer engage me (you will never find me discussing any episodes) and definitely no longer appeal to me (skimming through the channels, I don’t even stop to take a peak at what’s on anymore). Not sure if you feel the same.

I definitely want my Tom and Jerry, Popeye, He Man and Penelope Pittstop cartoons back! Which one’s do you pine for?

Old Television Shows 

The Charmed Sisters - Phoebe, Piper and Paige

Do you remember ‘Vicky the Small Wonder’ or even ‘I Dream of Jeanie’? I absolutely used to love them! I so want them back. I mean of course you cannot have new episodes as the actors playing the characters are definitely no longer the same but hey, enough time has passed since I last saw these episodes, I don’t mind another re-telecast. I am sure I don’t remember any particular episodes any more.

I also want my other favorite ‘Charmed’ back on air. Well, not with Prue, but with Piper, Phoebe and Paige please. Oh, I loved all of Phoebe’s guys and I am curious to know, will I still love them if the show comes back? My dearest friends R, S and I had this whole ‘Charmed’ thing going between us for a while during college. That used to be so much fun, hey girls?

I sure feel the same about ‘Friends’ and ‘Desperate Housewives’ but hey, for them I want new episodes. Do something, anything but get them back for me.

I am hooked on ABC’s ‘Revenge’ off late. I, like many others, am so badly hooked that I get withdrawal symptoms whenever they air a repeat episode or whenever they take breaks. For those who haven’t caught this particular show, it is time you did, on television or online. Just make sure you start from the very first episode. Trust me, or you will miss the whole revenging track!

Actual Use of Pen and Paper to Write Letters

Write Letters by Hand
For The Love Of Handwritten Letters
I hate the fact that emails have slowly but surely turned letter-writing with actual pen and paper completely redundant. I mean, email is great when you want some quick communication, instant responses or even feedback, but hey, I still love my very personal, very organized (scented paper and ink pen) actual letters, as in snail mail. There is no substituting for the feelings, love and painstaking writing effort that goes into these letters and personally, I value this effort and sentiment over the quick, impersonal, 'she’s just an email away' kinda mails.

Another great thing about real letters is that you actually have to sit and plan your train of thought. There is no ‘control V’ and ‘control C’ here and there is definitely no ‘delete’ and no ‘undo’. So for me, it is just a question of – are you confident enough to write that letter rather than that email? (translated to: Are you man enough to do it, huh?)

My best letters are the ones I receive from my best-est friend R. I just love them. You will find all her letters under my clothes closet, in a small box. If you see them, you will find the marks of gentle abuse and wear and tear, simply from the number of times I have held them, read them and cried nostalgically all over them. Yup, I definitely want handwritten letters to come back into fashion!

Well, that's the 5 for now. Of course there are several others such as (i) the return of great authors such as Johanna Lindsay and Linda Goodman (ii) simpler and faster visa procedures (oh that's a biggie reserved for a separate article altogether (iii) television news that had more substance than today's repeat debates on the same 'ghise pite' topics and (iv) fashion of the 90s in the form of fringe haircuts and dungarees. 

If you have more to add, you know what to do. If you want a debate an any point other than the first, give me a shout out. Awaiting your feedback.

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