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3 Super-Handsome Hunks That Even Have Super-Awesome Talent!

Well let's face it... there are several drool-worthy, drop-dead handsome, testosterone laden men out there... But seriously   though, not many have that added thing called talent... But whenever I find talent that comes in the handsome hunk package, I just cannot stop myself from expressing my joy. This blog is one such expression.

Oh and by the way, those who knew me then when I found guys like the six-packed Jacob from one of the million Twilights handsome (now I find him cute) must now know that I have emancipated myself from the six packed boys club and moved on to the eight packed men's club... So if it is too much testosterone for you, you might want to skip this piece and move to some of my other estrogen laden ones... But hell, who in their right minds would really wanna do that now!

Let's start with my current Bollywood craze... Vidyut Jamwal First and foremost, I must start by asking forgiveness of my friends J, A and N who had to endure my Vidyut Jamwal craze an…

Just Blogging Away: Daily Soaps I Love (Or Had Loved)

Those who know me well will vouch for the fact that I am not much of a Tv serial (daily soap) person... cartoons, yes... movies most probably... animal planet definitely... and maybe a few things here and there on TLC or Star World.. but daily soaps that I 'must just watch daily', definitely not! In fact, I can even make do with no television (provided I have high speed Internet of course).

But there have been about 3 t.v soaps that have caught my fancy in my whole lifetime. Two of them are history and 1 is my present. Just wanted to give you a glimpse of 2 them today, one from the past and one from the present.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Only the Ekta Kapoor super superstitious camp could spell 'Kasauti Zindagi Ki' as 'Kasautii Zindagii Kay'! But anyway, I really loved watching this serial in the late 1990s. Even now I remember how much I used to love it when it was on and it was probably one of two instances in my life where I just had to watch every single episod…

James Bond Gadgets Vs. Tony Stark Gadgets; Which Are Better?

This weekend ignited an interesting debate between my husband and me. What started as a tiny spark on Saturday had become a full on raging wildfire by Sunday evening. I for one had always had the inkling that the day would definitely come some day, when Robert Downey Junior would come between us ‘normally loving’ spouses and ‘that some day’ came sooner than anticipated.
It all started on Saturday morning when we decided to re-watch Iron Man. Of course one led to two and then by Sunday afternoon, we had even watched the last Iron Man once more. Somewhere in between Iron Man II and III, it was my innocent observation that ‘Tony Stark’s gadgets sure beat all of Bond’s’ and that my dear friends was the start of the whole saga.
Since the matter is undecided still in my household, I need unbiased referees to help settle the matter. I have hence now come to you. What do you think? Do Tony Stark’s gadgets beat James Bond’s? I most definitely think so, and here’s why.
Now Who Wouldn’t Want A ‘…

4 Freakishly Unusual Phobias That Leave Me Petrified

Oh yes, I have some unbelievable, freakish and abnormal phobias and those who know me well know the acute intensity of their grip over me. When you see me sweat like a pig, feel me tense up tightly like every single muscle in my body has frozen over,  find me procrastinating in the most shameless manner or hear me screaming at the top of my lungs, you know I have come face to face with each one of the following 4 phobias respectively.

Machines: They Make Me Sweat Like A Pig I hate machines, just about any machines actually... but the expresso making ones and the ATM banking ones are the worst (probably why I couldn't make a full fledged career out at fast food joints or banks, I was too petrified to lay my eyes on them each day). I mean, aren't ATM machines supposed to make life easier?
They do for most times, but there are definitely other instances where:
(i) I forget my pin and enter the wrong pin 3 times (which is very often actually, even the people at my bank know. In f…

5 Unusual Ways In Which I Charge Up My Routine Life - Guest Post By My Dear Friend Saumil Shah

Got a new job? Shifted to a new place? Bought a new car? Well, life just seems so exciting when exciting things happen to us. But over a period of time we all get bored of what was once new and exciting. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of having new, exciting things happening to us everyday!
When I moved to Panchgani, of course I loved the weather, the location, nature, new friends and new work colleague. But slowly and steadily, things changed. For those who already know about Panchgani, there is not much of a social life outside of the routine here. There are no shopping malls, movie theaters or youth hangout spots.
But I have learnt to cope and today I wish to share my secrets on how I break off from the boredom of my routine. This is how I make my routine life an exciting one each day.
Plan Some Weekend Travels 
I always plan my weekend travels a few days in advance. Not only does it give me some interesting food for thought as to where to go, what to do and how to plan i…