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3 Super-Handsome Hunks That Even Have Super-Awesome Talent!

Well let's face it... there are several drool-worthy, drop-dead handsome, testosterone laden men out there... But seriously   though, not many have that added thing called talent... But whenever I find talent that comes in the handsome hunk package, I just cannot stop myself from expressing my joy. This blog is one such expression.

Oh and by the way, those who knew me then when I found guys like the six-packed Jacob from one of the million Twilights handsome (now I find him cute) must now know that I have emancipated myself from the six packed boys club and moved on to the eight packed men's club... So if it is too much testosterone for you, you might want to skip this piece and move to some of my other estrogen laden ones... But hell, who in their right minds would really wanna do that now!

Let's start with my current Bollywood craze...

Vidyut Jamwal

Smokin Hot Vidyut Jamwal..
First and foremost, I must start by asking forgiveness of my friends J, A and N who had to endure my Vidyut Jamwal craze and catch his movie Commando repeatedly and consecutively in most of the theatre's nearby. I also gratefully acknowledge that only you guys could have done this for me... Or rather Pooja Chopra ehmmmm...

While my hubby insists that he really knew of this guy from the time when he was a model for an underwear brand (damn... I have no idea how I missed that!!), he had my undivided and loyal attention in the movie Force... Ufff... Cute though Genelia's and John's love story was, I totally skipped it while I was focused on this new, lean yet strong lad with the envious washboard abs, sizzling hard muscles and sultry crisp voice...

It was probably the first time that I was actually listening to what an actor that looked like that was actually saying as opposed to... hmm.. just eyeing him that is.. And rooting for the bad guy. Despite his fantastic portrayal of a hardened, no-conscience criminal, Vidyut had been my eye candy in Force, but in Commando he was sheer talent. All the stunts in the movie were rendered without a body double and without any protective gear or cables. Some of the stunts were not only difficult, but were also dangerous.

Confession time... While Stallone's Rocky training video sequences have always taken up significant storage space in my phone's memory... I have now added Vidyut's one-legged squats, push-ups and upside down (vertical) shoulder presses cum push ups into that elite company! Amazing stuff really... Looking forward to more movies room this lad... more amazing stunts but the same body cuts and the same awesome voice.

It really takes phenomenal effort to stay in the shape that he has managed to carve out and I acknowledging the pain that he has put his body though. He is an inspiration to other vegetarian fitness aspirers. Wish to see more of his talent on screen. I cannot end this without mentioning the two other great finds of the movie. The South African fighter Nathan (the hitman sent to kill Vidyut) and the original villain Jaideep Ahlawat. Sorry Pooja, we are talking of hunks here.

Michael Jai White

Tall Dark and Handsome Michael Jai White
Tall, Dark and Handsome Mr. Bone
Tall, dark and handsome... Definitely... But Mills and Boons sure got it just about half right... Mr. White is also supremely fit, well sculpted, rough and hard in all the right places. Mr.White has shown his unparalleled talent in martial art stunts as well as acting in several movies...

Undisputed II and Blood and Bone being two of my favorite-est favorites. Mr. White has 7 black belts in 7 different martial art forms, not to mention that he is also a fantastic writer, a gifted fight choreographer and director (all in one... a la Stallone). Trust me, it is not just the great stunts, the super-human fights and the extraordinarily fit body, this guy sure can act. He has a great voice and his baritone suits the roles he portrays.

Those who don't know of him yet really need to rush to a DVD store, like pronto! Trust me, there is nothing quite like the kind of action that is seen in his movies and he is quite possibly the only guy who looks good with another guy on screen... with Yuri Boyka of course (what did you think)... coming up next!

Scott Adkins

Yuri Boyka - Scott Adkins
Yuri Boyka - The most complete fighter in the world?!
It must be the tattoos no? That have me more in love with the character of Yuri Boyka than the 
British actor Scott Adkins, right? Definitely must be the tattoos, for despite being unable to digest too much blood in movies, I just keep coming back to all of his ones. Mr. Atkins is quite truly from somewhere way out of this world. I could do a whole collage on just his moves in the air, his mixed martial arts is unparallelled.

If you ever get the chance, just grab a DVD or two and study his moves, especially his airborne kicks. The man is so strong and fit, he could just about take part in the Olympics on the basis of a 'spur of the moment' whim. I know he is not really Russian, but in my mind he is so he might give Russia another medal or two for sure.

My vocabulary is definitely not strong enough to list out any adjective other than awesome for this drool-worthy handsome hunk. His moves are so fluid, you get goosebumps watching them. Personally, I love watching his still photos more, they give his airborne stunts better justice. You will just have to stare at this man's perfect posture, talent and strength, for these leap out from even his photos.
It is just unbelievable how fitness and muscle have reached a whole new level when it comes to men today. All I can say is that I like it, I like it a lot! (smile!)

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