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5 Unusual Ways In Which I Charge Up My Routine Life - Guest Post By My Dear Friend Saumil Shah

Got a new job? Shifted to a new place? Bought a new car? Well, life just seems so exciting when exciting things happen to us. But over a period of time we all get bored of what was once new and exciting. Of course, not all of us have the luxury of having new, exciting things happening to us everyday!
When I moved to Panchgani, of course I loved the weather, the location, nature, new friends and new work colleague. But slowly and steadily, things changed. For those who already know about Panchgani, there is not much of a social life outside of the routine here. There are no shopping malls, movie theaters or youth hangout spots.
But I have learnt to cope and today I wish to share my secrets on how I break off from the boredom of my routine. This is how I make my routine life an exciting one each day.

Plan Some Weekend Travels 
Traveling on Weekends
Weekend Travels Anyone?
I always plan my weekend travels a few days in advance. Not only does it give me some interesting food for thought as to where to go, what to do and how to plan it about, but it also makes me buzz with energy, looking forward to the trips.
Travel makes me feel free and energized. I always tackle my dreadful Mondays far better when I have recharged my batteries through my weekend travels.

Get Down to Some Gardening

Whenever I am not traveling, my weekends see me getting down and dirty in my garden patch. I love playing with mother Earth and the joy of seeing a healthy plant growing from a tiny seed gives me immense joy. You can try it too, and soon you will get so involved in this activity that you will never even notice your regular routine fly past.

Change Some Elements From Your Daily Life
Toiletry kit elements
Toiletry Changes
 This may sound funny to some but I can tell you for sure that it works. Every so often, I change my toothpaste. Yes, changing one’s toothpaste gives you a new aftertaste in your mouth and somehow, psychologically, it lifts your day. So, the idea is to not be brand conscious and make the change every so often.
The feeling of newness also comes with a change of soap. Changing soaps also gives you a new lasting freshness that helps you break the barriers of a boring routine on a psychological level. You can even try and find a few new fragrances that you like and alternate between them for a welcome change.

Change Your Schedule Around
Work route changes
Different Work Route
I always find that shuffling my routine around every once in a while keeps my life from falling into a boring rut. Try getting up early some day and leaving for work earlier than you regular time. It will feel good to see different faces on the road, meet different people enroute and interact and make new friends in the bus. The same change can be observes if you leave a little earlier than normal from work too. Try it out.
If you want an extra boost to your non-routineness, try and change your mode of transportation. Take a different bus or change your train route.

Experiment With Your Food
Gujarati food thali
Gujarati Food Anyone?
Don’t get me wrong, I love my regular Gujarati food and my mom’s a great cook, but sometimes change is not just welcome but actually necessary. So, for  change I just get a take-away from mapro or hang out with local friends at the newly opened coffee shop. If nothing else, I just find different company to share my food with, other than my handsome Milo that is. That works too you know.

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