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Beauty Tricks That Can Save Your Life Someday!

We all want to look our best for certain occasions. It could be a dream job interview for some (maybe at Cosmo), a big wedding (maybe the third time lucky one), a grand prom date (hottest guy in class) or a 'meet the parents' sequence.

Whatever your reason for wanting to look perfect could be, there are just so many things that could go horribly wrong, making the dream occasion come crashing down as a mortifying nightmare. Such awry experiences can vary in intensity between 'thankfully forgettable' to embarrassingly the 'talk of ever single living room convo'. But there are ways to never let this happen to you!

While you could always walk under a ladder or have a black cat cross your way sealing the fact that your fate is no longer in your hands, there are some tricks that could help you in minimizing your probabilities of something going drastically wrong. So here are some beauty tricks that could figuratively (and sometimes even literally) save your lives:


That’s It! I’ve Had It With Refrigeration Ignorance! Time To Enlighten Myself & Others

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged and there is just so much to show and tell, I am practically bursting with it. While I was away nothing special really happened in my life, well, unless you count a fabulous trip to Sweden, a brand new Microwave, a day out (shopping of course) with my dear friend G, Thai meals and a crash course in ‘make up’ something special?!

The trigger for this blog (the one that just had me rescheduling all my work just to make time for it) however, is eggs, yes, quite simply eggs and the best place to store them. There has always been a long drawn battle between my hubby (who is sadly equally lacking in household nitty gritties as I am) and me as to where they should be stored.
While I say that they should be refrigerated, S insists that they should be stored at room temperature. While I have wished countless times for one or two to just hatch themselves while being stored at a room temperature of 40 degrees, that has just sadly never happened, so there w…