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The Art Of Spinning

Spinning is surely one of the most universally recognized forms of group fitness activities. I for one have experienced it just about everywhere, be it at Gold's in Saint Louis, Solaris in Pune or Clarke Hatch in Kuala Lumpur; but nowhere have I been so completely fascinated by it (to the point of obsession), like I have, here in Brussels. Yes, it is no secret that I have always preferred cycling over jogging but never has this so taken over my fitness conscience that I no longer remember when I last got on a treadmill.
I have been missing my yoga (gasp!), have been missing my favorite bootcamps (another gasp!!), have been seen making a mad dash in the streets to catch the bus (with two full bags of groceries no less!) to make it to spinning on time, and have been caught making discrete phone calls to the gym reception trying to get them to put my name in the registration sheets... I have been there and done that... done it all actually!
So what has suddenly got me h…

Not Really Love!

You have changed me,
For better or worse?
It is a matter of perspective actually..

You have changed me,
For the older and wiser?
It is a matter of outlook actually..

You have changed me,
Off the flaws and the imperfections?
It is a matter of judgement actually..

You have changed me,
Cured me really?
It is a matter of prognosis actually..

Well maybe you love me now
Do you really?
It is a matter of my opinion actually..

For it is not really me you love is it?
It is the me you have now created..
The me that no longer shows as me in my mirror!

Tell me, was I really so un-love-worthy before?

An Adrenaline High On 'Rush'

Caught a brilliant movie last weekend. A great, engaging and involving movie after a long long time. It is now time to recommend it to all of you. Mind you, this is not a review, simply a synopsis of my feelings on the movie. To tell you the truth, I had my eyes closed for long enough during the movie to not be able to write a complete review anyway.

So, anyways, the movie you definitely need to catch this week is 'Rush'. Not the sad, sloppy and unbearably intolerable Hindi movie 'Rush' (the Emraan Haashmi kind), but the fantastic, biopic cum real-life drama converted to reel-life screenplay Hollywood movie 'Rush' (with the God-like Thor on the posters).

Confession Time

Despite the chiseled, muscled Thor (sorry, I must call him that, his name is too ordinary for his physical persona) in the movie's posters, and a trailer that had hot men, fast cars and fantastic dialogues, I was a little skeptical about this movie. Considering my 'watering pot' tendenc…

Stuck In A Elevator With J And A!!

Oh well, just the other day, the three of us got stuck in a lift.

Uh uh, that opening just won't do! To do the incident justice, let's elaborate a bit shall we.

A few days ago, three friends including myself, got stuck in an elevator. (Yes, the blog is a tad bit late, simply to provide for an adequate time period to get over the incident).

It was elevator just build for people to get stuck in... I mean the closed off kind, the one that leaves you wondering if there is any air filtering in from outside or if any living soul has actually heard the alarm bells that you are quite frantically sounding! Ya, those kinds! You get the drift.

So, back to the very beginning now. It was the perfect plan! A masterpiece of plans actually. It was supposed to be a dreamy  girls 'day in', where we would all just relax at A's house and discuss our outfits, accessories and make up for Friday's office party! Oh ya, what fun!

Co-conspirator J had pulled quite the feat! She had snu…