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The Big Secret Revealed: What Every Child’s Mother Wishes She Could Avoid

I know for a fact that when children fall sick, it is the mother that suffers the most. And I don’t mean just because she loves her child and can’t bear to see him suffering and all that motherly love blah blah blah, but also for the most primitive of reasons.

(1)The child is home-bound (as in ‘stuck at home’ and not ‘coming back home’), and
(2)That she is stuck catering to the whims an additional child (assuming the mother considers the father to be one too) with a not-such-a-lovely nor appreciative disposition.

How Do I Know Of This Big Secret You Ask

You see, when I was a child, there was only one thing I wanted to do other than sleep of course. It was ‘play’. 

I wanted to play all the time 14 by 7 (excluding 10 hours of sleep), 365 days a year; outdoors in fact, away from my mum’s watchful eyes. 

Sometimes I lied for it, sometimes I just ran away without telling her, and sometimes I just left critical details out of my factual statements to her, like “hey mom, I am going out” (to climb …

How Can I Survive SACH a Thing? A Calamity Of Catastrophic Proportions!

If you didn’t already know, I assume you have been hibernating somewhere in northern Siberia with no television in your igloo, no Internet and possibly no food (and deservedly so)! Sachin Tendulkar is retiring… no…. has almost retired! He is already playing his last test right now (has got out on 74 in his first innings) and just 3 more days later, irrespective of whether he may or may not get to bat again, I will see him play no more!

Let me just catch a breath here, for I am positively overcome with grief. I am distraught!
Yes, the man, GOD, who has many more achievements than just his records, is on the verge of calling it quits and I cannot find my sleep again till I have worded out my thoughts, thoughts other than ‘I love you Sachin’ that is.

Why The World Loves Sachin
Yes, the whole world rants and raves about his records. It sings odes to his charismatic strokes and flamboyant drives. It pays tribute to his 24 long years of unfaltering and dedicated service to Indian Cricket. Yes, …

Platinum Day Of Love! What The **** Is That?!

Yes, I have seen this ad and just like thousands of others I have loved it for the fuzzy warm, cozy and lovey feel that it always left me with. Yes, the Platinum Day of Love advert is indeed a hit but while the advert in itself is quite creative and heart-touching, it always leaves me feeling a little.. well... let's just say... dissatisfied..When will I have my platinum day of love? Will it be special? Will it shake my world? Will it be everything I have always wished for and perhaps more? Will it be like a dream come true? Will it be roses and limos and tuxedos and waltzes? Will it be unforgettable?Alas, I waited and waited... but it never came. It left me more and more dissatisfied, feeling unloved, feeling wronged and feeling worse... 'partly at fault' (gasp!)
4.5 years into my marriage with a wonderful, wonderful man, I must say, I have grown a little older and wiser. I know now that in my quest for the elusive platinum day of love I have missed feeling the thousands o…