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Platinum Day Of Love! What The **** Is That?!

Yes, I have seen this ad and just like thousands of others I have loved it for the fuzzy warm, cozy and lovey feel that it always left me with. Yes, the Platinum Day of Love advert is indeed a hit but while the advert in itself is quite creative and heart-touching, it always leaves me feeling a little.. well... let's just say... dissatisfied.. When will I have my platinum day of love? Will it be special? Will it shake my world? Will it be everything I have always wished for and perhaps more? Will it be like a dream come true? Will it be roses and limos and tuxedos and waltzes? Will it be unforgettable? Alas, I waited and waited... but it never came. It left me more and more dissatisfied, feeling unloved, feeling wronged and feeling worse... 'partly at fault' (gasp!)
Real Platinum Love
Real Platinum Love
4.5 years into my marriage with a wonderful, wonderful man, I must say, I have grown a little older and wiser. I know now that in my quest for the elusive platinum day of love I have missed feeling the thousands of platinum love moments that came my way. I now no longer look to define the love in my life with a single platinum day but I look at it as a love bond that is defined by several platinum moments that revealed true love like it was put under a spot light. Platinum Love Forever Have I had my platinum day of love? Indeed I have! I have had several of them in fact. Each one more precious than the other, each one revealing the mettle of my true love, each one making me adore him some more, each one making me revel in his intricacies and each one making me identify a love that goes beyond words (but yes, I do need the words every now and then... I am not THAT much older and wiser yet!). I remember the day when he stole me away from a houseful of guests, to take me away for a long drive, to make me relax and relieve the stress. I remember the day when he drove down all the way from work to drive me to gym (despite our gym being a stone throw away from his workplace), just so I wouldn't have to take the bus. I remember the day he decided to surprise me with a a lovely Titan Raga just to help me get over the fact that I had lost the one from my dad! I remember the day he let me keep 14 (and I do mean 14) little guinea pigs in my house, open and free, despite being petrified of the little things. I remember the day he let me have 'Dee' (my first guinea pig) despite knowing that I won't have him for long as we kept traveling so much. I remember him giving me the larger wardrobe to accommodate all my stuff and shifting his stuff to the smaller one. I remember him buying me books, aah, so many beautiful books; romance novels that he would never touch, forget reading; knowing that I loved to read them. I remember him doing all my bank tasks, especially ATM stuff, knowing that the machines left me cripplingly scared. I remember him taking the broom and going after the tiny lizard that had infiltrated my house and not resting till it was out, simply to spare me the fear. I remember him offering and going out of his way to help the two other men in my life, my grandad and my dad, when they needed his help. I remember him surprising me with a romantic birthday dinner at the revolving restaurant in KL Tower. I remember him going with me to Gold Reef City (an amusement park), despite hating roller coasters and anything remotely resembling anacondas. I remember him going off his diet and eating pani puri and bhajiyas, just because I wanted to have them and wouldn't have them without him! I remember him accompanying me and letting me get my tattoos when even my own father forbade it. There are so many such special moments that once I start, I can't stop the downpour. There are so many testimonies to the fact that he truly loves me... in little fragments of conversations... in little selfless deeds... and in little unguarded emotions. Now that I recognize this, do I really still need proof in the form of that one platinum day of love? Just like platinum, love is forever, so why do I need to pinpoint it, identify it or showcase it as single moment or day? Do I really need to compare my love or the love he has for me with a beautiful romantic movie or some friend's story? Do I really need any testimonial from friends and family to vouch for his very real love for me? Comparison's a b**** and often it is that which leaves us the most dissatisfied with life. I have learnt a hard but real lesson. My Platinum Day of Love is no longer the dreamy sequence that I had cooked up in my head, it is now the very real, very true, very visible for the discerning eyes kind of love that I see every day in my life; in every moment that I live with him and in every action of his that has me at his heart and in every thought of his that starts with me on his mind! Amen! The only things missing in our platinum love are of course platinum love bands ( I just adore those rings...)! Ahemmmm... I am not suggesting anything of course, but gifts are always welcome people... the Anniversary's on Valentines :P After all, platinum does not lose color (our love must never lose the flavor), is a precious metal (just a tiny bit less precious than our love of course) and is pure white (as un-tarnished as our love should always be). Isn't platinum just perfect then?!

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