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The Big Secret Revealed: What Every Child’s Mother Wishes She Could Avoid

What every mom dreads...
What Every Single Mom Dreads!
I know for a fact that when children fall sick, it is the mother that suffers the most. And I don’t mean just because she loves her child and can’t bear to see him suffering and all that motherly love blah blah blah, but also for the most primitive of reasons.

(1) The child is home-bound (as in ‘stuck at home’ and not ‘coming back home’), and

(2) That she is stuck catering to the whims an additional child (assuming the mother considers the father to be one too) with a not-such-a-lovely nor appreciative disposition.

How Do I Know Of This Big Secret You Ask

You see, when I was a child, there was only one thing I wanted to do other than sleep of course. It was ‘play’. 

I wanted to play all the time 14 by 7 (excluding 10 hours of sleep), 365 days a year; outdoors in fact, away from my mum’s watchful eyes. 

Sometimes I lied for it, sometimes I just ran away without telling her, and sometimes I just left critical details out of my factual statements to her, like “hey mom, I am going out” (to climb that pipe and see what’s on top of our roof) or “hey mom, I am going out” (to the Telco athletics training area to try to mimic their training sessions), etc. 

If it gives you any sadistic pleasure now, I did get punished for all those times, a fact my mom takes great pleasure in reminding me again and again, even to this day.

But honestly, I don’t think my mom dreaded my mischievous antics as much as I think she likes to make me believe she did. Sure, I gave her a hard time (a slight understatement), was quite a handful and often left her taking the brunt for ‘the missing Sayali’ who happened to be missing for the last 5 hours without anyone quite noticing. 

And if she didn’t know it by now, I must take this opportunity to tell her that I know exactly what it was that she dreaded the most then.

She dreaded having me sick… she dreaded having me indoors with nothing to do (if it help, my brain is STILL the idle devil’s workshop even though I have physically grown up, mom)… and she dreaded having me whine and cry about my aches and pains and demand outrageous things to make up for them (as if it were somehow all her fault). 
Making Outrageous Demands To Mom
Making Outrageous Demands To Mom
Yup, I kinda made sure she dreaded them of course. I mean, if I was going to suffer quietly (and not so quietly) in bed, while I could hear my friends paying ‘dabba aaispaais’ down below, I had to make her suffer too, considering of course that she was the one who thought ‘I should rest and not go down today’.

Anyways, back to my point, so yes, most moms (because very few have angelic kids) dread the times when their kids have some or the other health affliction, be it something small or big, because

(1) They worry for what their child is suffering through, and

(2) They worry for themselves, for what they are going to be suffering through for the entire period of the child’s suffering!

Mental State Moms Who Have Sick Toddlers
Mental State Moms Who Have Sick Toddlers
A Secret Solution For Moms

Everyone knows that the top most common childhood health problems, which almost each and every child (even the most healthiest one) puts their mommy through, are:

·      Fever, Cough and Flu

·      Tonsillitis, Sore Throat

·      Vomiting, Diarrhea and Stomach Pain (Gastroenteritis)

·      Ear Infections, Ear Pain

·      Infectious conditions such as chicken pox, malaria, conjunctivitis, etc.

If you notice it, viruses and bacteria are what cause most of these diseases. Hence the deduction is that most of these common health conditions or illnesses occur because of under-developed immunity, or lack of the child’s power to ward off such infections naturally. 

As children are yet to achieve their maximum immunity potential (which usually grows as they grow), one can say their front line defense against attacks of viruses and bacteria is pretty weak.

Nowadays, several major childhood diseases such as Hepatitis B, etc. can easily be avoided by getting the child vaccinated against them. However, the smaller, more common ailments such as flu and diarrhea can still not be prevented in any foolproof manner.

But, the best bet against these common diseases that plague children during their childhood is to tackle them by slowly building the child’s immunity to them. Of course a mom cannot be expected to give her child scores of pills and powders just for the sake of preventing a possible future ailment that may or may not strike, so allopathic medicine is definitely not the way to go here. The answer lies in Ayurveda.
Ayurvedic Herbs - Immunity Boosters
Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters
The Ayurvedic Secret To Improved Immunity

Several thousand decades worth of Indian health and healing wisdom is found in the doctrines of Ayurveda. There are several Ayuvedic herbs and herbal mixes that are known to boost our natural immunity without giving any side effects or long-term health repercussions. 

And yet today, we need not start reading up on all the Ayurveda books or go looking for where one can find these rare herbs to give to one’s child. Products like Dabur Chawanprash are the perfect blend of all those immunity-boosting ingredients in one all-natural product. 

A perfect solution, not just for kids but also adults, especially when it comes to giving our natural immune systems an added boost.

The Chawanprash contains all the prime immunity boosting ingredients recommended by Ayurveda, namely the more uncommon ones such as such as Guguchi, Vidarikand and Bala and the more commonly known ones such as Amla, Ashwagandha and Satavari. This 

Chawanprash is an age-old product that has stood the test of time, for I remember finding it even in my great grandmother’s house.

The Chawanprash container has received several makeovers since then, several celebrity ad campaigns have come and gone and several new product flavors and variants have been introduced, but for me, the original Chawanprash is still the one I firmly believe in.

They say that it has a 3 times higher immunity boosting power now. But really, who cares! If something so good comes in a form that is so delicious (when so many other medications and supplements are hardly edible), I wouldn’t mind stealing a few heaping spoonfuls any day, and I suspect neither would your child.

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