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India: Where Citizens Get Murdered And Murderers Walk Scot Free!

If you have come to read this page because the title has angered you, I want you to keep your anger, burn with it a while and stew upon it till you are ready to explode! For we are indeed killing our citizens, unknowingly perhaps, unwittingly for sure and in some case most deliberately because we know we can get away with it in a jiffy.

The worst and the most painful problem with these murders is that no one acknowledges them. There is hardly a news agency trying to give it prime coverage, hardly any human rights agencies trying to correct this inhumane violence and hardly any other citizen communities bothering to protest, trying to help or having at least the heart to condemn. Arre, mera to kuch nahi gaya bhaiya!Mera to koi nahi mara hai bhai!Mara gharma to badhdha safe chhe, mane nathi khabar kon maryu, ben! And of course, Arre mi kay karu shakte tya sathi, ata hotay tar hotay, mi tar karat nahiye na, mala ka bolta!

I get it, everyone's busy! But are we so busy now that death doe…