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Je Suis Charlie - My 'Probably UnOriginal' Take On Recent 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack Events

Just 2 days ago, France and with it the rest of the world, bore the brutality of another 'terror' attack, this time on the offices of a private organization. Prior to this, most terror strikes, be it the unified Uyghur attacks in China; the Parliament attack, the Taj attack or the German bakery incident in India; or even the 9/11 in US were terror attacks targeted at civilians to rile up Governments. This has then been the first, a singular kind of incident where the terror vendetta was not against a Government but rather against a particular private organization and it's right to creativity!

Is there anywhere else left to go? It has previously been Government buildings and embassies, public places and organizations where there would be maximum casualties and even trade places and restaurants where head counts would be high. After Charlie Hebdo, what next? Your homes, perhaps? Your personal, private sanctuaries!

It is for this reason, this advancement of terror from the p…

The Ultimate Outlook Guide On 2015's Top Mutual Funds: Your Cheat Sheet To This Year's India Investments

So, have you started your SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) yet? Even if the answer is yes already, I am sure you are ready for more. I find SIPs to be ridiculously addictive, especially because the total amount you expend on them nets out to be such a small percentage of your monthly incomes. And SIPs cater to the ultimate savings objectives, for you might not be able to save with all your loans and purchases, but setting aside just a few bucks for a SIP each month means you don't even feel the pinch of your big fat savings goals (which of course the total sum becomes as you keep counting the months and years).

Why Mutual Funds?

Well, I did start off the article assuming you knew about SIPs and Mutual Funds, but in case you are an absolute 'green behind the ears' layman, here's a little break down for you, before we move on to the important fund selection bit. Investments in mutual funds is similar to investing individually on the stock market, except for while you w…