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Why We Named Our Daughter Meera?

Someone once said that names affect personalities (well, someone, somewhere must have said it sometime). So, we named our daughter Meera, of course, after the Hindu Rajput princess of the 16th Century. You see, our daughter Meera is blue-blooded royalty; at least we definitely think so. She may not have been born in the bloodline but it is definitely in her blood. How do we know? Well, she’s hardly subtle about it! Like when she puts Lewis Carroll’s Queen Of Hearts to shame when she goes all “Off with her head!” on me when her meal is not ready to be put right in her mouth the minute her eyes open. Of course we mustn’t make royalty wait, when will we learn!Like when she wants to be held in a particular way only, (in a way that either breaks your back or builds your biceps) and she is loudly makes her wishes crystal clear to everyone who just doesn’t understand! Of course, we minions, must obey!Like when she wants her grandpa to come home everyday and massage her feet, no one else wil…