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Guest Post: How to Save On Brokerage While Trading Online?

For all those people who trust their instincts and know the stock market inside out, making money out of it is very easy. More than that, the processes of investing and of liquidating ones’ investments have become very easy ever since the facilities of online trading have been introduced. There are many advantages of stock trading online and one of the biggest is the financial benefit that you enjoy when you save a lot of money on brokerage.

If you too are concerned about the high amount of brokerage that is being charged to the customers by various share trading companies, you should take a note of the few tips discussed below that could come in handy in helping you save on brokerage on your online trades.

Using Brokerage Calculators  One common mistake that people often make is to not calculate the brokerage on their own. Essentially, most people still think that calculating brokerage is very difficult and they should hence leave it to the professionals only. But these days there…

Guest Post: Who Is A Wilful Defaulter? Here's All That You Need To Know

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has defined the term ‘wilful defaulter’ as one who has not utilised bank funds towards the purpose for which they were taken, and who, despite having adequate liquidity, has failed to repay his personal loans. This definition has paved the way for banks to acquire the assets of companies that default, through the Securitisation Ordinance, and thereby reduce the companies’ non-performing assets (NPA) quickly.