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7 Sins Your Car Will Never Forgive You For

Love Your Car
Do You Love Your Car?

You say you love your car, but does your car really think so?
Do you really tell her that you love her with deeds and not words?
If your car could you speak, would she sing ballads about how you shower your love on her?
If you’re doing any of these 7 sins, you probably don’t love her enough. Some of these are so heinous, they almost border on abuse. We know for a fact that no matter how much you love her, your car will never forgive you these 7 mega sins.
1.     Procrastinating On An Engine Air Filter Change
An air filter is an essential organ for your car. It feeds fresh air to your engine. This fresh air mixes with fuel to create an optimal mix for combustion. By refusing to change a clogged air filter you are essentially denying your engine the fresh air it needs, thus making it work that much harder and indeed guzzle down more fuel. So if you think you are saving money on a new air filter (a fairly inexpensive spare part), you really are NOT!
2.     Ignoring Oil Change Signals
Have you been ignoring that oil light indicator on your dashboard? If you love your car, you really shouldn’t be ignoring that critical indicator. Oil keeps the engine lubricated. Regular use causes existing oil particles to break down, causing higher friction and abrasion to the working car parts. If you want to protect your car and show some real love, changing engine oil frequently can be the best way to show it.
3.     Ignoring The Check Engine Light
Unfortunately the check engine light signals a problem in your car but doesn’t specifically pinpoint as to what it may be. From fuel cap issues to fuel pump problems, it could be just about anything under the horizon, er, hood! But ignoring the check engine light for long could give you some serious dents in your wallet. Taking your car to a qualified technician and getting the problem diagnosed and corrected is the only real way to go about it. After all, the light’s there for a reason, no? Your car has a problem, show some love and get it diagnosed and treated, will you!
4.     Disregarding The Need To Change Brakes
You may certainly be proud of your accelerators but it is really the brakes that you owe your driving skills to. After all, your confidence in your car’s speed is directly dependent on your confidence in your car’s braking ability. If your brake pads are worn out and you have been disregarding them, you could only be increasing your repair and replacement charges from minor ones to major ones. Not only are you endangering your life but you are definitely risking a significantly higher price tag on your next pit stop at the auto service mechanic’s.
5.     Overlooking A Required Timing Belt Change
It is the timing belt that coordinates the engine’s internal movement. So one can just imagine the carnage within the engine, should this belt stop working. What is usually a simple change job that costs hardly anything is the pre-emptive solution to the catastrophic costs that one would incur in the case of the complete system overhaul caused by a timing belt breakage.
6.     Failing The Emissions Test
You don’t seem overly concerned that you have failed the emissions test, but I assure you, your car certainly is. The problem could be with the exhaust pipes, the muffler or even the catalytic converter but whatever it is, you really need to get it fixed. By not fixing the problem with speed you are interfering with your car’s exhalation. Not only are you hurting your car but you are also over spending on fuel!
7.     Skimping On The Right Products
It is not just your car’s spare parts that directly affect your car and its performance, you know. If you are skimping on your car’s cleaning products or other maintenance products, you are doing your car a disservice too. For example, if you are using the common household glass cleaner to clean your car’s windows, you may actually be damaging the glass with ammonia.
Using the right products for the right things and choosing genuine replacement parts will go a long way towards keeping your car happy and healthy, and letting her give you her best possible performance. 

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