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Let's Connect With Strangers, Let's Make New Friends - The Opentalk App Review

William Butler Yeats once said, " There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met." But little did he know that the changing times would make the saying redundant at the least and dangerous at the worst.

Welcome to 2017, where talking to strangers is a folly with sometimes dire consequences. 2017, where making friends online comes with its own set of dangers and talking to strangers is often forbidden.

Yet, here come's an app, Opentalk, they call it, where they have lain down a platform for strangers to connect with strangers, for strangers to share valuable information, and for strangers to make friends.

In a first of firsts, I downloaded the app in question today. Considering that there is just no value in the app for me (or so I thought), this was certainly a surprise even for me. I mean, I hate making small talk, I hate talking on the phone even more and I hate interacting with strangers the most. What in the world would this app, a neatly packaged…