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Up Your Skin, Nails And Hair Game With The Only Thing That Actually Works - Vitamin E

Vanity, Vanity! We all have it in varying degrees, at varying points in our lives.

In the peak of my health and in the rosy bloom of my youth, I had a little excess of it (if I were to make an honest confession). It had been waning ever since (a good thing in the theory of sins, not so much in real life). And it had been hurting me!

The appearance of age spots and pigmented patches had left my skin looking listless and in need of concealers and make up. My Leonine crowning glory, my thick dark hair, was now no longer as thick and was as dry as the Prairies. My nails were now brittle and traumatized. Outside of my innermost circle of friends, no one could guess the pain. Of how much these had been affecting me as a person, my vanity and indeed my confidence. Even words spoken in jest used to leave deep scars and even the thought close up selfies had me running in terror!

I would normally never confess to all these. After all I did try my best at hiding them with well blended foundati…