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Travel, Say Yes To The World, Say Yes To Self Discovery

The world is what you make of it.

Stay within your four walls, and your small world still shapes you. It exposes you to experiences unlike others - leaky taps, find a plumber; last onion, time to shop staples; and your kid having a public meltdown, handle it all like a pro. You learn to love your own company, stay economical with the finances and be creative with your time. Not to mention, independent and self-reliant in finding the solutions to your family's daily needs.

But if you are a traveller, your world is, ehmm, more like Randy Newman's "It's a jungle out there". Well not a literal green jungle perhaps, nor the jungle of the concrete kind. But the kind that affords you unexpected encounters, both good and bad; and surreal experiences, both the memorable and the forgettable.

I am a world traveler. Always have been. Heck, I've been traveling since I've been 6. So I've been changing schools just as frequently as I've been changing countries,…